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Vehicle Donation Title FAQ

What documents do I need to donate a car to charity?

Wheels For Wishes will tell you what is required in your state. Most states require that you have a clear title to the vehicle; some states also require a notarized signature to complete a donation. If your state requires a notary to sign the document, do not sign the title until you are in the presence of a notary. If you cannot locate or have lost the Certificate of Title, we can help you obtain the proper documentation.

What if the vehicle isn't registered in my name?

The vehicle does not have to be registered in the donor’s name. However, the person whose name is on the title must sign the title or fill out additional paperwork.

How do I know my title is a clear, transferable title?

The title must be in your name, with no cross-outs or errors. If your title lists a lien holder followed by a bank, your bank will provide a lien release that states they have no further interest in your vehicle. This document is often provided at the time the vehicle was paid off. If your vehicle is paid off, it can be ordered from your bank. If there is a lien listed on your title, it must be signed off on the title, or provide a separate lien release document. You can contact the bank and request your own lien release or we’re happy to assist you in obtaining a lien release.

My name has changed since the car has been titled. How do I sign?

You must sign the title as it is shown on the front of the title. If you do not, the title will be void and you may need a correction form or duplicate title.

My title is signed over to someone else. Can I cross it off and write in Wheels For Wishes? Or use the next section?

No; if you do this, your title will become void. Please call the Title Department at Wheels for Wishes for clarification and we will happily provide you the documents necessary to complete your car donation.

There are two people listed on the title, do both of us need to sign?

Yes. If there are two owners listed on the front of a title, both people will need to sign as the seller. If there is an 'or' in between the names, only one signature is required.

The title is in a deceased person's name. How do I complete the transfer of title?

Different states require different paperwork. Usually, this involves a copy of the death certificate, executor rights paperwork and the signed title.

What Does A Vehicle Title Look Like?

We get into detail to answer this question on this page: What Does A Car Title Look Like?

What is the name and address of the new buyer?

Enter the Buyer Name as: 'Car Donation Foundation' or 'Wheels for Wishes'. The Buyer Address should be entered as: 5775 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 700, St Louis Park, MN 55416. You may also use this same information if necessary to complete any Release of Liability or Notice of Sale or Transfer forms required by your state.

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